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What will it take to create lasting positive impact in today’s increasingly complex, rapidly-changing world?

Organizations must reimagine how solutions are created.


At Super by Design, we use Design Thinking to help organizations quickly build understanding and alignment, make better-informed decisions, and effectively co-create equitable solutions with customers and clients, so they can deliver better products, services and strategies for today’s most pressing issues.

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Develop more feasible, desirable, and viable solutions by bringing diverse perspectives into the development process – from your customers or clients and from within your organization.


Make decisions, meetings, processes and solutions faster and more effective by removing the excess conversations that typically take place in collaborative work and replacing them with intentional dialogue and non-verbal tools.


Enable the best ideas to come forward and the best solutions to be created, by leveraging anonymity and equitable decision making to ensure every voice in the room is included in solution creation – not just the loudest, most senior or most centered.

Focus On

Address the root causes of social problems, by using intentional processes designed to uncover and creatively solve for the components and structures that lead to unjust or inadequate systems.


Gain deep understanding and cultivate empathy with the people you’re creating for by making sure those closest to the issue are at the center of the solution-creation process; from inspiration to ideation to implementation, for the most equitable outcomes.

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THIS work in action

City of Santa Monica

Super by Design was hired by the City of Santa Monica to design and implement a six-month community engagement strategy to help bring forth a new city-wide homelessness initiative, with a specific focus on including voices from those with lived experience.

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Product &
Service Design

THIS WORK in action

Together We Rise

Super by Design worked with Together We Rise to help identify, understand and develop an opportunity to use technology to help agencies improve the quality of care they provide for youth in the foster care system.

See the case study

& Facilitation

this work in action

Community Health Councils

In 2019, The Social Change Institute at CHC launched the Coalition on Economic Resiliency. Super by Design was brought in to help design and facilitate the inaugural convening which brought together 80 cross-sector executives, innovators, and community leaders to tackle a variety of social issues relevant to building economic resilience in low-income communities.

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THIS WORK in action


Super by Design worked with MeUndies' Brand Marketing team to streamline their social impact efforts; establishing strategic non-profit partners and developing creative initiatives to align with team and business objectives.

SEE the case study


this work in action

Loyola Marymount University

Working with Mar Vista Family Center, LMU’s Design Entrepreneurship class was tasked with improving how the various spaces within the center could be best utilized for their programming. Super by Design, was brought in to support collaboration among cross-functional teams made up of students from various majors.

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Schedule a 90-minute Discovery Jam for you and three to five team members. Together, we'll map your current goals and challenges, and help the team align and prioritize where to focus next or how to use Design Thinking within your organization.

If there’s a way we can help (and you want to keep working with us!) we’ll get to it. If not, your team will walk away aligned on a prioritized focus and, at the very least, have experienced a new way to work.

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What people are saying

"Rachael & Maicol were awesome in leading all of our project team members through an unfamiliar methodology. The results of this effort will allow us to kick our development project off right from the start. Their energy and humor was very infectious and kept us on point. A win for human-centered development!"

Business Systems RPA Analyst
Southern California Edison

"Super by Design's guidance, planning and facilitation were critical to our success."

Michelle Burton
Chief Strategy Officer & Director
Social Change Institute

"The Super By Design approach enabled everyone to have a voice and contribute to decision making quickly and efficiently. Maicol's demeanor is perfect for collaborations as he is open, understanding, and flexible. They can read the room well and facilitate effectively."

Darlene Fukuji
Associate Director - Fred Kiesner Center for Entrepreneurship
Loyola Marymount University

"The strategy session Rachael facilitated with key stakeholders from our team was extremely productive and helped us quickly determine and align on our overall initiative. Rachael has continued to make herself available to my team and me as a resource and a partner and I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with her."

Allie Mae Rosehill
Associate Brand Manager

"Maicol is the go-to guy for Design Sprints. He helped us solve a large and ambiguous problem and discover issues within our solution in a week instead of months. We were able to pivot and solve it the right way and our users were very happy with our results. I would highly recommend Super by Design for anyone looking to develop the right product quickly."

Jean-Eric Khalife
Product Owner
Riot Games

"When we were looking to identify a new market opportunity, we hired Super by Design to help us validate before building. They helped design a working prototype, lead user-tests with potential customers and then built out a clear strategy and roadmap for the entire project allowing us to be completely prepared to move forward."

Danny Mendoza
Together We Rise

"Working with Super by Design has fundamentally changed how we operate and build products. The process is a good framework for taking a complex environment, where you don't necessarily know what the problems are, and drilling down into what is important now to find good solutions that the team can agree on and have a really big impact. From now on the first part of our product development experience is going to be driven by Design Sprints."

Patrick Lu
Co-founder & CEO

"Maicol expertly lead us through 4 days of analysis, prototyping and user testing to refine our product and collect feedback on new design ideas. He helped us get the critical data we needed and translate user frustrations into useful features in order to take our product to the next level."

Ford Davis
Product Manager
Assured Certificates

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There is no “one size fits all” process for solution creation, so we design and facilitate specifically for an organization’s needs, challenges and objectives using proven Design Thinking methods to maximize creativity, collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness.

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We’re Rachael and Maicol Parker-Chavez.

Partners in business and life (in case you thought our matching last names was a wild coincidence).

But that’s not why we’re in business together.

We launched Super by Design after recognizing the unique intersection of Maicol’s work in product, process and business design and Rachael’s background in social impact and systems change. Combined with a shared passion for human-centered design, we knew we could help improve the way solutions are created and how teams and organizations work. We want to help teams create with intention, prioritize humans and ultimately help create a more equitable future for all.


Social Impact



We believe creating more equitable solutions starts with us.

We want to continue supporting human-centered solutions, while also making sure our work is accessible to anyone who needs it. For this reason, we price on a sliding scale based on the size and income of an organization, reducing fees up to 70% for small, emerging or low/no-profit mission-driven organizations.
Reach out at and let us know how we can help.