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Strategic Planning

Super by Design worked with MeUndies' Brand Marketing team to streamline their social impact efforts; establishing strategic non-profit partners and developing creative initiatives to align with team and business objectives.

The Challenge

Although the company often engaged in opportunities to use business as a force for social good, without a strategic plan they were often one-off engagements, not planned in advance or with any cohesive relationship to one another, making their efforts difficult to track, measure and communicate to employees and customers.

Our Solution

We designed and facilitated a two-hour strategy session, engaging eight team members from across company hierarchy to ensure diversity of thought. We designed a process using time-boxed structured discussion to create shared understanding among team members. We also leveraged rapid ideation, affinity mapping, abstract laddering, ‘how might we’ questions, and dot voting to help the team quickly align and decide on where to focus the company’s social impact efforts, identify and prioritize specific partnerships to cultivate and outline strategic milestones to help make it happen.


The team left the session aligned on a specific overarching cause focus area which is now the core of the company's social impact efforts, as well as three separate sub-initiatives which strategically align with that focus to execute over the next 12 months. The outlined strategic milestones acted as a blueprint from which to create the full strategic plan, which, upon completion, already had team and leadership buy-in because it was based on the team’s collective input, helping to ensure greater ownership and follow-through from the team moving forward.

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