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In 2019, The Social Change Institute at CHC launched the Coalition on Economic Resiliency. Super by Design was brought in to help design and facilitate the inaugural convening which brought together 80 cross-sector executives, innovators, and community leaders to tackle a variety of social issues relevant to building economic resilience in low-income communities.

The Challenge

In addition to receiving support with convening design and facilitation, CHC leadership’s main challenge was achieving actionable outcomes. They shared that similar gatherings often included a large number of discussions and brainstorming activities that didn’t result in concrete actionable next steps, without which strategies and solutions did not end up moving forward.

Our Solution

Using the SBD approach we created a 3-part workshop that focused specifically on enabling participants to go from high-level problems to specific action steps toward potential solutions. We broke participants up into 10 teams of eight, with each team focused on a specific issue or challenge area related to economic resilience. In each of the three parts, teams worked through a series of timeboxed exercises, rapid ‘solo’ ideation, intentional discussions, and blind voting to help them quickly understand the challenge, align on the greatest area for opportunity, and decide on the highest impact and most urgent solutions.


By the close of the convening, each team had identified and prioritized eight to ten specific next steps that would help move the identified solution(s) forward. Lastly, within each team, individual participants took ownership of one to three specific steps for which they would be responsible, ensuring that the progress was carried out past the event.

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