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Super by Design worked with Together We Rise to help identify, understand and develop an opportunity to use technology to help agencies improve the quality of care they provide for youth in the foster care system.

The Challenge

The organization recognized a gap where a digital product could improve a service that is currently being done analog by most agencies. They faced two main challenges; the first was the need to validate the idea prior to spending resources developing the product. The second was building capacity within the organization to be able to develop a digital product, having never done so before.

Our Solution

We started with research to identify the existing digital tools foster care agencies were using, what pain points they had in using these tools and whether there were opportunities for complimentary products to exist. Using this research as a foundation we facilitated several Design Sprints to design and prototype multiple iterations of the intended product, which we then tested with social workers to validate the most promising concepts. Using the data from the tests, we determined which concepts to develop and supported a small internal development team with continued usability tests and product guidance throughout the development process. We also conducted problem interviews to gather feedback from our potential customers and to identify additional opportunities for future product development.


Throughout our journey with Together We Rise, we helped them integrate the insights and feedback from over 30 social workers, resource parents, former foster youth and agency leadership to efficiently design and develop their first digital product which will help improve the quality of care agencies provide youth in foster care.

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